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We offer reliable and affordable pool plans to fit your needs.

Hire our pool company for your weekly pool cleaning and maintenance in Cypress, Houston TX. Our Full Pool Service allows customers plenty of year round time to enjoy their backyard swimming pool and spa.

Simply leave the cleaning and maintaining to our experienced technicians.

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Chemicals are included with all of our services for your convenience.

We keep your pool clean & clear so you can enjoy it!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Full Weekly Pool Service Package:

All cleaning tools and equipment to properly service your pool are provided. A portable vacuum is used on most jobs, including weekly cleanings. This reduces the wear and tear on your filter system by reducing the amount of debris that vacuuming through your skimmer would deposit in your filter. This method also provides a more powerful vacuum system. All you need to provide is an electrical outlet.

    Weekly Pool Cleaning

    • Established service day of week
    • Balance water chemistry to APSP standards
    • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets
    • Visual inspection of equipment
    • Backwash as needed (Sand and D.E. filters)
    • Brush tile to remove loose debris
    • Skim surface of water
    • Vacuum sides, steps, and bottom with portable vacuum.

    Pool Services:

    Equipment Repair/Replacement

    • Filters
    • Pumps/motors
    • Heaters
    • Automatic pool cleaners
    • Valves
    • Pressure gauges
    • Automatic controls and timers
    • Baskets, cleaner bags, and floating chlorinators
    • Poles, nets, brushes, and vacuum heads/hoses

    D.E. and Cartridge Filter Cleaning

    • Disassemble and inspect
    • Clean grids or filter elements
    • Replace damaged grids or elements, o-rings, and manifolds
    • Assemble and restart equipment, and add D.E. (if applicable)

    Home Owner Responsibilities:

    • Keep water at proper level in pool
    • Keep equipment in proper running order
    • Schedule filter cleans as needed

    Partial Weekly Pool Service

    Our Basic Pool and Spa Service provides our customers a safe swimming environment by our technicians properly maintaining the chemical balance of the swimming pool thus relieving pool owners from having to store chemicals on their property.

    ***The information provided on the website are superseded by the actual service plan agreement provided to the customers. Be sure to read your service plan agreement carefully to ensure the written information and price rates match your pool service and weekly maintenance needs. Our sales staff and pool technicians will be happy to address any of your questions and/or concerns.

    More Information on Monthly Pool Cleaning

    Not all chemicals are included in the Basic Pool Service Package. Some chemicals are charged separately. The chemicals that are included in the Basic Service Package are Chlorine (Tabs & Granular Chlorine), and Acid. Other chemicals such as, including but not limited to, algaecides, PH plus/minus, alkalinity plus, and salt are charged separately.

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