I Think I May Have A Pool Leak?

Don’t Let a Leak Dampen Your Fun: How to Detect and Fix Pool Leaks

Do you believe you have a swimming pool leak because you’re seeing water drainage or dropping water levels?

Call our pool service company first. We may be able to save you money.

You may not have a pool leak.

It could be a pool equipment repair instead which will save you hundreds of dollars needed for a pool leak detection service call.


Can I Ask You A Question?

“I may have a pool leak but I’m not 100 percent sure. “I am seeing water leaking into the street. I also checked my pool and I’m seeing how the water levels have decreased significantly.”

Note: We do not provide pool leak detection for pipes leaking underground.

If this problem sounds similar to your situation. Please give our pool service company a quick call at 281-624-5086.

One of the first steps we may ask you in helping you determine if you have a pool leak or a pool equipment problem. As a process of elimination, We’d ask you to check your spider gasket inside your multi-port valve. The water may be leaking around the gasket causing the water to flow out through the waste line. You’ll typically see water in the yard if you have an actual pool leak.

Turn off your pump and see if that stops the water from leaking in the street. If you had a pool leak. Anytime you have water running into the street. It’s likely the problem is the spider gasket in your multi-port (pool equipment/backwash valve).

It is not pertaining to a leak in the pool. You’d see the water in your yard if you have a pool leak. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the time it will be the spider gasket. Turn off the pool until you can fix the equipment (spider gasket).

Caution: you don’t want to leave your pool pump off for too long knowing it could quickly turn green. If you’re not comfortable trouble shooting and making pool repairs yourself. Schedule a service call with us or another local pool company ASAP.

We have a service charge plus the cost of the gasket which runs on average of $50.00. Please check with us for our current prices.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Leak Detection And Repair

PLEASE NOTE: We Do Not Work On Above Ground Pools

If you believe you need swimming pool leak detection and repair service. We invite you to give us a call first to tell us what your current problem is before you go and spend several hundred dollars to find out you only need a gasket or pool equipment valve repaired.

We offer pool leak detection services for customers experiencing above ground pool issues in and around the pool equipment (filter, pump, heater, and valves,

Service Areas: Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, Conroe, Magnolia, and surrounding Houston areas.

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